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If your company produces a high quantity of valuable agreements, you want to make sure that every one of them is high quality, as well. Sometimes this can be a challenge. Manually checking each document can be time-consuming and error-prone, and as new documents continue to pile-up, risky clauses can often be overlooked. Is the right clause present? What was changed? Do all of my contracts contain the correct clause from my clause library?

What if you could easily compare multiple documents side-by-side to identify differences? Or instantly extract data from documents or images for future reporting and searching? What about comparing and analyzing clauses within documents versus what is stored in your clause library? The possibilities are endless. 

This allows for low risk contracting in high volume industries.

Interested in seeing Match in action? Try Exari Compare, Exari's brand new SaaS offering that allows you to start comparing your contracts in seconds.

Manually reviewing a slip could take anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour without Match. The saving therefore is relatively simple to calculate as a function of the time spent reviewing contracts manually, multiplied by the portfolio volume. If you applied an hourly rate for an underwriter, it’s difficult to conceive of a simpler cost-benefit analysis.

Charles Robinson, Agricultural Underwriter at Qatar Re based in Zurich
Unlock Hidden Data Within and Between Documents

Exari Match allows users to capture data within hundreds of contracts and compare and review up to 5,000 pages in one single session. Documents can be matched with other documents, searched using powerful search tools, annotated, checked and reviewed for quality and adherence against checklists. Save valuable time and more importantly, have confidence that nothing was missed. In addition, flexible APIs allows for integration of Exari Match functionality into your existing Enterprise platforms and workflows. 


Instantly identify differences in content including additions or omissions made to any document type with Match’s sophisticated match capability. 

Clause Match

Compare, understand, and analyze the relationship between clauses in your document and those in the Clause library with Match’s Clause Match classification. 

Robust Audit Trail

Keep a history of any analysis conducted with Match’s document creation and file management. 

Match is the leading tool for ensuring contract compliance. Download our datasheet and learn more about how it can work for you.

Quickly compare and review up to 5,000 documents in a single session

  • Quickly compare and review up to 5,000 documents in a single session.
  • Apply a set of standard and line-specific checks that addresses common causes of errors and omissions.
  • Create a single source of truth for your policy review, including all identified discrepancies and resolutions.  
  • Minimize errors and risky terms through quick, agile review. 
  • A flexible API allows for integration of Exari Match functionality into your existing Enterprise platforms and workflows.